Don’t die soon. Give up smoking now!
Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs. So smoking is the perfect way to commit suicide without actually dying. - Anonymous

Help Yourself

Talk to our expert advisers that provide a range of proven methods to help you quit. It’s never too late. Avail NHS Stop Smoking services at JMW Vicary Pharmacy to quit smoking now. Did you know that in the UK, you have easy access to a service proven to help you stop smoking? We will give you precise information and give you professional support while you experience withdrawal symptoms of smoking.

First Step

On the first session, you'll be offered a breath test that will tell us the level of carbon monoxide settled in your body.. Our experts can help you propose an action plan and fix a quit date.

Second Step

Once you decided to quit smoking, NHS-endorsed stop smoking treatments will be made available to you. You can avail nicotine replacement products such as patches, lozenges, inhalators, gum, and mouth and nasal sprays. These products lower your body’s craving for nicotine. You can also use smoking tablets such as Champix and Zyban.

Third Step

The third and the final step is a crucial one. You might face withdrawal symptoms or relapse. Here’s where your will power and determination play an important role. You will have weekly face-to-face or phone contact with our experts for the first four weeks. At each meeting, you'll receive a supply of, or a medicament, a stop smoking treatment if you're using it, and have your carbon monoxide level measured.

Make these small changes to your lifestyle

  • Think positive
  • Rethink and plan your diet
  • Avoid aerated drinks
  • Unfriend your smoking friends
  • Keep yourself busy throughout the day

Health benefits of quitting smoking

  • Within two hours after you smoke the last cigarette, your heart rate can drop back to a normal level.
  • In 12 hours after quitting smoking, the carbon monoxide in your body decreases.
  • In 48 hours, your nerve endings will begin to regrow, and your ability to smell and taste will increase.
  • Within three weeks, you’ll be able to workout and perform physical activities without panting and puffing.
  • After one month without cigarettes, the cilia in the lungs will begin to heal and grow.
  • After a year without smoking, your risk of heart disease will be lowered to half.

The long-term benefits of quitting smoking are increasingly significant and can boost your life expectancy. The fact stands that nonsmokers live about 10 years longer than smokers.

Quit today to live those extra years with a functional heart and healthy lungs. Stay active and live healthy.