Getting ready for your trip is easy now with Flu vaccines at JMW Vicary Pharmacy. Keep yourself updated on routine vaccinations while traveling outside UK.

What is Flu?

Flu is a virus that can cause illness in most people. It spreads from the nose or throat while sneeze or cough. The flu virus can cause severe illness and even death among vulnerable groups including older people, pregnant women and immune compromised people.

Countries at risk

The flu virus occurs throughout the year worldwide because of the difference in seasons. In the northern hemisphere, flu can occur any time from November through to May. Most cases usually occur in January or February however there is no predefined time how or when someone may catch the flu.

Signs & Symptoms

Symptoms include fever, sore throat, chills, fatigue, cough, and headache. In severe cases flu can cause Pneumonia and can be dangerous for people with heart or breathing conditions. In children, it can cause high fever and seizures.


Influenza viruses are continuously altering. Because of this viral shift, vaccines are updated every year. Most flu vaccines protect against three types of flu virus:

  • A/H1N1 – the strain of flu that causes the swine flu.
  • A/H3N2 – a strain of flu that mainly affects the elderly and people with health conditions.
  • Influenza B - a strain of flu that particularly affects children.
  • The nasal spray flu vaccine and some injected vaccines offer protection against a fourth B strain of virus.

Protection against these vaccines lasts up to a year. It takes up to 2 weeks for protection to develop after the vaccination. So if you are planning to travel anywhere outside the UK, book an appointment at least 2 weeks prior for flu jab.

Who is it for?

  • People who come in close proximity with those who are already infected from flu.
  • Individuals who provide social work or community services.
  • People living in overcrowded conditions.

Flu jab side effects

Mostly, these vaccines are side-effect free. You may get a slight temperature and aching muscles for a couple of days after having the jab or your arm may be a bit sore where you were given a shot of this vaccine.

When to have a flu jab

The best time to get a flu vaccine is in the autumn, from the beginning of October to early November, but don't worry if you've missed it, you can also have the vaccine later in winter too. So, if you are asking yourself, ‘What travel shots and vaccinations do I need while I travel outside UK?’ or ‘Where do I get a flu shot for myself and my family?’ Book an appointment with your local travel clinic at JMW Vicary Pharmacy.